What is Independent Discussion?

Independent Discussion is a blog.

Independent Discussion is a form of expression.

Independent Discussion is a place of freedom and creativity.


So, yes this is a blog, but hopefully not your average blog. This is also a place where relevant and important ideas and topics are discussed independent of huge media monsters and away from the mainstream. The things you will find here may be thought provoking or sometimes just something to read. The excerpts range from serious to silly, or perhaps just a ramble of thoughts and questions that come to people’s minds. You will find a wide variety of media and literature such as photographs or poems. All posts are served to entertain while remaining pure to what is a part of the human culture and expression, and some even have the purpose of fighting certain injustices like racism. I welcome you to read and, if you like, provide input. This is meant to be a discussion so please comment and start your own conversations, or send me an email with topics or ideas you think would be well presented in this platform and place. If you find something interesting, I would love to share it. But, otherwise,


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